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Let Me See If Got This Straight About Diaries On Presidential Democratic Candidates…

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According to some of the comments on Daily Kos, there are multiple issues with regards to several of the diaries on the presidential Democratic candidates.  Let me see if I can summarize and address some of the reocurring comments:

  • There is Biden bias on Daily Kos.
  • Instead of “bashing” any Democratic candidate, we should be trying to make the argument about the candidate we support.  We should have more positive than negative diaries.
  • Bashing or being overly critical of any Democratic candidate makes them “unelectable” in the general election.  Why are we doing some of the Republicans dirty work?
  • Biden will be the nominee, so progressives should just get behind him.
  • Progressives are responsible for tooth decay.

OK.  I made up that last one.

About the Biden bias, yes, it sure does look like most of the Daily Kos community does not have the warm fuzzies for hm.  Guilty as charged.  I’ve explained why I oppose Biden before.  But here is something that others have not thought of when it comes to Biden.  

We can agree that Biden is the front runner for now. Check.   And Biden is giving some interviews, and those interviews always make the news.  Check.  This means that Biden is going to get a lot of press and will show up on political radar screens like a storm front.  Therefore, don’t you all think that there are going to be a lot of diaries about Biden on Daily Kos? 

Probabilities people.

And with increased chance of Biden, there is always increased chances that he will say something that may trip himself up.  He’s done it in the past.  

And as I have stated — just me mind you — before, if there was another centrist who was the front runner, I’d be critical of them as well.  But there really isn’t.  If Buttigieg manages to get into the front, I will be critical of him.  I do not agree with centrist or centrism, and I think it is a bankrupt political belief.  

This leads me to the next point about writing positive vs negative diaries.  I could probably stand to write a few more positive diaries about Warren, but she seems to be doing a pretty good job without my cheerleading.  But I probably should try to be more persuasive for Warren.

However, negative comparisons have ALWAYS been a part of politics.  And as moderates or centrists have always tried to tell me in the past, “You don’t know how politics works,” I know this has been a pillar of politics.  Democrats have been doing this since the party was formed.  Not only do candidates promote themselves, they and their supporters are critical of the other candidates.  

If you have not noticed that, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

As for the next point about intraparty criticism making the eventually nominee unelectable in a general election, we are talking about Trump and the Republicans here.  They are going to lie, lie, and lie some more about whoever the Democratic candidate is.  And any of our criticisms are not going to be in the same universe as what comes out of Trump and the Republicans.

Case in point, Republicans are very good at making Democrats who are war heros (Kerry and Max Cleland) out to be liars or terrorist sympathizers.  Meanwhile, the draft dodging Republicans who ran against these Democrats were held up as being patriotic.  And Republicans are good at disseminating conspiracy theories such as Democrats are running a child sex slave ring out of pizza parlors.  A reminder that Trump has embraced QAnon and other consipiracy theorists.

The criticism I have seen about Biden on this site is NOTHING compared to what Republicans will do to him.

Yet I am reading that some of my legitimate criticisms of Biden or other centrists is making them unelectable.  Incredible.  I don’t recall that Republican attacks on Trump made him unelectable in 2016.  Plenty of Republicans called him out for what he was, but it did no good.  In fact, virtually all of his Republican critics fell in line and voted for Trump.

I’m will vote for Biden if he gets to the general election, but I doubt my earlier attacks on his record or political strategy will have any bearing in the general election.

Which brings me to my last point, I love the circular arguments being laid out by Biden supporters.  Biden is the front runner, so he will be the nominee.  In fact, it is a done deal according to Biden supporters.  You better get on the Biden train progressives they say.  It’s over and all you are doing is carping.  He’s going to be the nominee, so of course he is the front runner.  Case closed.

Well, if all I am doing is carping, it should make no difference to the outcome.  Biden will be the nominee, and all my critiques will be on the ash heap of history.  Of course, if Biden is so inevitable, why do Biden supporters become so animated about some progressive knocks on his record?

Maybe because deep down they know it is not a done deal for Biden.

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