Leon Panetta: Failed Trump-Kim summit was 'all about show'

Not sure it really needed to be said, but former CIA director and defense secretary Leon Panetta told This Week’s Martha Raddatz today that Trump’s June summit with Kim Jong Un was basically an Insane Clown Posse concert without the juggalos or gravitas:

“The problem is that in many ways it was doomed to failure from the beginning because there was never the preparatory work that has to be done prior to a summit meeting,” Panetta said about the meeting between the two leaders in Singapore. “They shook hands; they exchanged words.”

“When the balloons went away, when the confetti went away, there was nothing there to require the North Koreans to do what was necessary in order to denuclearize,” Panetta said on “This Week.”

Gee, ya think? And I thought he’d signed a detailed, verifiable agreement that was destined to last a thousand years, or until Americans stopped lining up to piss on his grave, whichever came first.

Panetta told Raddatz, “What needs to be done now, because it wasn’t done before [the summit], is the basic diplomatic work that looks at all the issues that are involved here, puts them all on the table and begins a diplomatic process between the United States, North Korea, hopefully South Korea as part of that as well as Japan.”

“We don’t know where [North Korea's] nuclear sites are. We don’t know where the missile sites are. We don’t know where a lot of their chemical sites are located. We have not developed any kind of inspection regime. All of that needs to be on the table,” he said. “That’s what needs to be discussed and we have yet to have a serious meeting on those issues. That’s the problem.”

Wait, you mean complex diplomatic agreements actually require study, preparation, and a fundamental understanding of the issues at hand? Whaaaaaaat? You can’t just walk into a high-level summit blind because you had a TV show where you totally pwned Gary Busey, who is at least twice as crazy as Kim Jong Un? What exactly are you saying, Leon Panetta? And why are you saying it to Fake News ABC?

Anyway, all you folks who slept easy because Donald Trump tweeted something can start waking up at 4 a.m. in a cold sweat again to check the pr*sident’s voluminous brain farts. Looks like North Korea is a bigger clusterfuck than ever. Enjoy that.


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