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Legendary journalist Sam Donaldson: 'We are in the grip of a sick, ignorant man'

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If you’ve followed politics for a while, you surely remember Sam Donaldson. The veteran reporter could be loud and obnoxious, but more than anything he was blunt, especially in his longtime role as ABC News’ chief White House correspondent. But he didn’t wade into partisan politics, and he certainly didn’t make candidate endorsements.

All that has changed since his retirement, and he’s backing, well, someone other than Donald Trump.



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ANDERSON COOPER: “You’ve held candidates, presidents on both parties, you’ve held their feet to the fire. Why endorse Bloomberg, and why now?”

DONALDSON: “Well because I think Mike Bloomberg is best suited to take on Donald J. Trump this November and beat him, and that’s something I think is very important for the country. You’re right, when I was a working reporter in Washington for 52 years, I never did anything like this. I never gave any money to candidates, I didn’t even register for a political party. But … I think it’s very important now. We are in the grip, Anderson, of a sick, ignorant man. He’s mean, he’s corrupt, and if we don’t get this right, we may lose the things that have made this country the best place to live in the world, and that shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan used to talk about, which was the envy of the world.”

To me, that argument is a little like saying the chemo will defeat the cancer. You’ll feel like hell, but at least the cancer will be gone.

Donaldson has definitely diagnosed the disease, but I’m not so sure about the cure. A billionaire plutocrat to replace a completely sick-in-the-head billionaire plutocrat? Let’s exhaust all other avenues first, shall we?

That said, when Bloomberg is gone (please, please), I hope Donaldson continues to lend his voice to the cause. We need to right this ship posthaste, and it’s all hands on deck.

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