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'Leave Democrat cities. Let them rot': Trump retweets a deplorable call for division

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I live in a blue state, and it’s pretty clear what Donald Trump thinks of me.

From his peevish attitude toward the tribulations of Puerto Ricans to his threats to cut off disaster funding to California, it’s become more than obvious that Trump sees some Americans as more American than others.

And sometimes he wears that attitude on his sleeve. Like this morning, for instance:

And here’s the original tweet, which, again, the president of the entire United States retweeted this morning:
I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that Trump views anyone who voted for him as a real American and anyone who opposes him as an enemy of the state.

Unfortunately, Trump also knows that he’ll face few political repercussions from antagonizing blue staters, because he’s not getting any electoral votes from us anyway. So why not let California burn? It’s only the largest, most economically vibrant state in the union.

Similarly, he can let those “Democrat” cities rot.

Say, remember when Hillary Clinton described an indeterminate number of Trump supporters as “deplorables”? Remember the backlash? Shouldn’t a sitting president telegraphing his biases against citizens in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, and numerous other thriving U.S. cities make some sort of splash in the media?

The president of the United States wants major U.S. cities to “rot.” Hmm, maybe those “rotten” cities should stop sending tax dollars to the federal government if they’re going to be disproportionately funneled to red states anyway. Just a thought.

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