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“least racist” Trump says he's “perhaps the most innocent man anywhere in US history” expect a stunt

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How many votes remain to be counted? Exit polls show fewer late-deciders than in 2016 Trump-Clinton contest, but Trump seemed to maintain numbers where he needed, numbers that would still defeat improved Biden numbers over Clinton in 2016. Still, final results won’t be happening until Wednesday mid-morning at the earliest because counts will not be made until then in key states. If Trump wins, the grief will be enormous and if Democrats win both chambers of Congress, Trump will be impeached again, buy only after so many needless deaths from Trump incompetence and corruption.



Like his speeches, Trump has a mental bank of self-serving falsehoods that appears in every branding opportunity.

Sean Connery never said “A guy walks into a bar…” joke about Trump

Which golf project Trump was making his claim about is unknown, as is just how and when Connery spoke up in a way that supposedly cleared the way for Trump to secure approval for it. The UK’s Mirror newspaper stated in 2018 that “There is no evidence to support his claim,” and Scotland’s The National noted just after Connery’s death that “There was no evidence to support Trump’s claim at the time, and although Connery was approached for comment, no response from the Scot was reported.”

The Guardian reported, in reference to the Trump International Golf Links project, that the rumor was definitely untrue:

Martin Ford, the Aberdeenshire councillor who was chair of the planning committee that initially refused Trump’s application to build the resort, told the Guardian: “Mr Connery was not involved in the due process that led to the granting of planning permission for a golf resort at Menie. He did not submit a letter of representation to the council, appear at the planning hearing, or at the public local inquiry.”

Ford added: “Opinions offered in press articles are not material considerations in decisions on planning applications.”

David Milne, a near neighbour of the Trump golf course in Scotland, and the US president’s most vocal local critic, said the claim that Connery helped him land planning permission for his golf resort was “utter bollocks”.…


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