Lawrence O’Donnell on Trump: ‘Stranded as America’s clown on the international stage’

I watched the interview between Trump and Macron today and felt a deep sense of embarrassment. But it was not for Trump. Do you know who I really feel for?

Trump’s a “clown on the international stage”

“There are a few intersecting factors that leave Donald Trump stranded as America’s clown on the international stage, as he was once again today,” Lawrence O’Donnell said. “Donald Trump is first and foremost the most ignorant person ever to hold the office of president. His ignorance appears to be limitless. He has never publicly spoken with any authority on any serious subject, any presidential subject.”

But O’Donnell was not done accurately describing the president.

“Donald Trump’s lack of real information combines with what appears to be gravely limited intellectual capacity so that when Donald Trump as president is supplied with good information he is incapable of processing it,” Lawrence O’Donnell said. “He seems like a lost elementary school student who just can’t process multiplication or even addition.”

Trump is a symptom

I am more embarrassed for the people who irrationally believe they have been taken advantage of by a system that they are willing to have a man so limited be their voice because he claims to understand their plight. I am embarrassed that Republican politicians who know better fake support because instead of educating their constituents, timidly abide by these voters most carnal fears.

I am embarrassed by Democratic Politicians who instead of seizing the moment to engage all Americans with policies polls tell us they want, acquiesce to some mythical center. Unfortunately, having the plutocracy frame the debate over the years to have people vote against their interests is exactly what gave us the ignorant president O’Donnell excoriated in the clip.

It is clear to me that the president will not get reelected. It is important that progressives seize the moment my engaging and growing its constituency which should be most Americans.