Lauren Boebert uses Norway bow-and-arrow attack to launch very Republican rant against U.S. gun laws

Nothing is more sacred to right-wing Christian conservatives than their guns. You could tell most conservatives that Jesus was crucified in gold lamé Hammer pants and sang like a Big Mouth Billy Bass the entire time he hung on the cross, and they wouldn’t be nearly as offended as if you casually called something an assault weapon that’s not technically an assault weapon, you beta lib cuck! 

But whatever you want to call the “assault-style” weapons that spread like black mold on our side of the pond, it’s pretty obvious that they’re really fucking dangerous. Which is why pro-gun con jobs like Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert are so keen to defend their sale, use, and unchecked proliferation.

The latest example of their dishonest rhetoric? Pointing out that, hey, people die in other countries sometimes, too! So there’s no point in ever passing any kind of legislation to prevent senseless mass murders, since some people were killed in Norway Wednesday.

  • October 14, 2021