latest Trump diversions are aimed at MSNBC versus Fox News kayfabe

Ever lazy in the continuing Trump clown show, Trump got mad at Brian Williams and by extension Nicole Wallace since they did some paired activity not unlike the Morning Joe show that featured the latest Tara Reade / Joe Biden revelations.

It’s all Trump weak sauce in a rough week for IMPOTUS*. What was telling was Trump dredging up repeats of tweet attacks from 2015 while retweeting Mark Levin and recycling a briefing room slur of Jonathan Karl. Lazy!

It’s more meta as Trump has been pimping OANN over Fox News in the usual kayfabe prior to a Fox News town hall from the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. Trump is simply doing promotional PR while getting in one-hole pitch-and-putt at Camp David. Soon Trump will be back on the links, having engaged a new $45,000 Secret Service golf cart contract at his VA golf course.

Trump held rallies on:
 —Jan 9
  —Jan 14
  —Jan 30
  —Feb 10
  —Feb 19
  —Feb 20
  —Feb 21
  —Feb 28
He golfed on:
  —Jan 18
  —Jan 19
  —Feb 1
  —Feb 15
  —Mar 7
  —Mar 8

Because getting “thrown off the air like a dog” is so third grade.

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