I don’t know who the hell is on Biden’s media team, but damn they are good.  I thought they couldn’t top the “Unprepared” ad, but the latest one showing factually the contrast between Biden and Trump is amazing.  “Crisis reveals character”.

In case you don’t have youtube:


Biden’s previous hits showed the world laughing at Trump,  an entire ad that just focused on Trump’s poisonous hatred, and a very touching one dedicated to his fallen family members.  Meghan McCain reminds people of how much we miss empathy in the White House:


— Meghan McCain (@MeghanMcCain) May 7, 2020


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And the hits keep coming.

Right after Trump forced the Dept. of Interior to allow Fox to interview him at the Lincoln Memorial, Biden hit him with this.

YouTube below, or if you don’t have it, click HERE

I have to do one more…. this isn’t from the Biden camp.

This is from a third party group that perfectly put together a video set to Trump reading the poem “The Snake” at a rally. It’s powerful.  YouTube below, or if you don’t have it, click HERE

I hesitated to say any of these are the best so far. Because I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong in the next few weeks.

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