In 2010, while Democrats completely focused on national races, the GOP—along with dark money from the Koch brothers and others—poured millions into the state legislative races. As a result, Democrats lost 21 legislative chambers with devastating consequences. States were turned into conservative meth labs that went after women’s rights, healthcare, education funding, and voting rights. Since it was also a redistricting year, it led to gerrymandering that gave the right wing an edge for almost a decade. 

In 2020, our top ticket races are flush with cash. Unfortunately, many Democratic swing races in the bottom tier are still woefully underfunded. Worse, while the Republicans are flailing nationally, their local legislative gerrymandered districts are very well funded. It makes sense: big donors want to go where their money will make a difference, and that doesn’t include flushing it down Trump’s gold toilet. 

Daily Kos has a set of key state races, 47 in all, that need help right now. If you want to help.

Otherwise, I’ll also give you the top legislatures, in order, from most to least likely to flip. 

  • October 22, 2020