I got an email from a devoted Kossack yesterday.  She does so many IGTN diaries.   This is what she was so upset about and I understand.  Civilians get killed by Landmines.   More civilians than the people America is at war with.  Landmines kill and kill and kill over generations.  Not to mention how detremental it is to our environment.

Read here:


President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to roll back established constraints on the U.S. military's ability to use landmines overseas despite the weapons' long history of killing and maiming civilians around the world.

CNN, citing multiple anonymous Defense Department officials, reported Thursday that the Trump administration is expected to loosen landmine restrictions in the coming days by rescinding a 2014 order by former President Barack Obama that limited U.S. landmine use to the Korean Peninsula.

“The new policy… is expected to permit the operational use of landmines only if they have a 30-day self-destruction or self-deactivation feature,” CNN reported. “The new policy would also allow for the development, production, and procurement of landmines only if they have these features.”

The decision to rescind the Obama administration's 2014 policy was recommended following a Pentagon review launched in 2017 by then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

So horrific that after decades of international efforts to rid the world of landmines, Trump is about to 'make landmines great again' by loosening restrictions on their use,” Medea Benjamin, co-founder of anti-war group CodePink, told Common Dreams.

What does this man do that is not horrific?   He will move us so far back that we will soon have open Gladiator events.  He is bloodthirsty and a coward.   He will just make fun and ridicule those with no legs or arms or lost eyes or killed.   

We can hope that our elections are fair but I do not put any more trust in election fairness than did I with a REAL SENATE TRIAL.

Princess Diana walked among the minefields to try and stop the death traps of civilians. 

I suggest we send every republican senator and Trump cult in power to inspect those landmines.  Let them test the waters as Princess Diana did with her courage.   Let them walk fields of mines and see what this rollback means.  Cadet Bone Spurs can’t speak a straight sentence much less avoid a minefield.   He won’t go but times are coming we need to drag these assholes out of their comfort zone and demand they stand for something other than destroying our country and ideals and policies.  It is our dollars paying for death and destruction. 

 Trump and his cult are real comfortable sitting in their cushy chairs and rolling back common sense decisions and policies that took years to enact.  Every single day that man remains in office with his bow stooping, spineless butt sniffing Republicans wowed by his whatever ( I haven’t figured that out yet) then we go further into the bowels of the laughing stocks of the rest of the world and look more like minions than strong Americans.   

They are so blinded ( the republicans) by his stupidity that I wouldn’t put it past him to start  laying out minefields on American soil.  It wouldn’t surprise me.   He is the one who said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue… Why not just blow em up.. Dead is dead isn’t it?  What is really scary is that he would still be followed and hailed as the great one.   HE IS ABOVE THE LAW ON ALL THINGS NOW.

It is past time for We the People to take our country back…What is left of it anyway.

   If anyone has ever been married or had a relationship with a veteran with PTSD diagnosed or not, they are familiar with the vet constantly referring to a wire from a charger or laptop being in their way and STILL after many years referring to it as a trip wire.   It triggers them if they stumble over it.

We are our rescuers.  No one is coming.  Do half of the country who are called socialists realize that?

We cannot continue down this road.  Peace is not in our future as long as we got these idiots in charge.   McConnell needs to be the pointman  to checkout mine fields.  Graham with all of his stupidity should also be one to decide which mine goes where. 

I am not advocating violence.. They are so smart, let them decide why Trump is making America Great again with this decision.   Why should civilians and children pay the cost of these horrid things?  Let the adults stomp around and maybe they can play minefield on their phones and practice up.  No this is Trump’s idea.  I say every dem legislator should question the orange one who is advocating the roll back if he is not willing to do this, then they need  to show their loyalty and let them decide where to place all those new mines. 

So horrific that after decades of international efforts to rid the world of landmines, Trump is about to 'make landmines great again' by loosening restrictions on their use.”
—Medea Benjamin, CodePink

What’s changed since the last Administration committed to pursue Ottawa Convention accession?
A:  The strategic environment has changed since 2016.  We face an era of strategic competition that requires our military to become more lethal, resilient, and ready for future contingencies.  


Study up geniuses who are supposed to protect lives.  Study up on things that go BOOM and then have the courage to walk those areas and allow your kids to do the same.

The cult and Trump are most definately a risk to our national security.  

  • February 3, 2020