LA-Sen: Rev. Raphael Warnock (D. GA) Helps Adrian Perkins (D) Usher In A New South

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senate candidate, Rev. Raphael Warnock (D. GA), in support of Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins’ (D. LA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Friend, I've spent my whole life in the South, so believe me when I tell you: Southerners are hungry for change, and that change is coming.

At this crucial moment, the need for greater, more diverse representation in the halls of Congress has never felt more urgent – as disparities around criminal justice, inequality and health care come into sharp focus. That's why I couldn't be more excited to have Mayor Adrian Perkins join us in this fight to turn the South blue and take back the Senate for Democrats.

Adrian is running for Senate in Louisiana to expand affordable health care and make our government work for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected. He's a graduate of West Point and Harvard Law, fought for our country during three tours of duty with the Army and now serves as mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana's third-largest city. He's a true public servant, and Louisianians across the state deserve his leadership.

With Adrian and me running, we have a historic opportunity to elect Black leaders in the South who will fight for progressive values and give all people a voice in our democracy. But Mitch McConnell and D.C. Republicans are spending big to defeat us, and we need your critical grassroots support to fight back and win our races.

Friend, we're not taking a dime of corporate PAC money, so please: Will you split a $5 donation between my campaign and Adrian's to win in Georgia and Louisiana, turn the South blue and take back the Senate for Democrats?

Adrian and I know what it's like to be counted out. Adrian grew up as the youngest of three boys, raised by a single mother in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Shreveport. I grew up with 11 siblings and lived in public housing on the west side of Savannah. We've faced systemic racism, and we've lived the struggles of working families. Now, we're running for Senate to fight for the communities that helped raise us.

Election experts from Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight to CNN say that Democrats can take back the Senate – and it could all come down to battleground races like ours. That's why McConnell and the GOP are spending millions to hold us back: They know that if the South turns blue, Republicans lose.

Voters across the South are fed up with the partisanship and lack of service they see at the top – and they're ready to usher in a new era of moral leadership. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to finally turn the South blue and take back the Senate for Democrats, but the only way we can win is if people like you give right here, right now.

That's why I'm making a personal request to you, friend: With the soul of our democracy at stake – and our $25,000 fundraising goal deadline expiring at midnight – will you please split an urgent donation between my campaign and Adrian's to power us to victory and help Democrats take back Senate control?

Thank you, friend.

Reverend Warnock

Click here to donate to Perkins and Warnock’s campaigns.

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