Received this e-mail from former New Orleans Mayor & Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu (D. LA) in support of Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins’ (D. LA) U.S. Senate campaign:

Screenshot from 2020 Senate campaign announcement video for Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins (D)


As an Army Captain and a fellow Mayor, Adrian Perkins has dedicated his life to serving the people of our state and our country. I know that as our Senator, he will deliver leadership rooted in honesty and courage – the kind of leadership Bill Cassidy and Mitch McConnell have turned their backs on.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in doing everything we can to make sure Adrian wins in Louisiana and helps take back the Senate for Democrats.

If there's anything I know, it's Louisiana. So believe me when I tell you that Adrian has got what it takes to win this race. But he's up against the deep pockets of the GOP's special-interest donors, so his people-powered campaign urgently needs your grassroots support. Can I count on you to donate now to help Adrian raise the $30,000 he needs before midnight?

Give $5 or more right now to make sure Adrian Perkins wins in Louisiana, takes back the Senate from Mitch McConnell and becomes a fierce voice for working families in Washington.

As our country faces unprecedented challenges, we can't afford any more of Bill Cassidy and Mitch McConnell's gridlock and division. We can't afford their attempts to rip health care away from hundreds of thousands of Louisianians – including those with preexisting conditions. And we can't afford for them to continue prioritizing the wealthiest few over working families.

It's time to elect a Senator who puts Louisianians ahead of politics – and that's Mayor Adrian Perkins.

But Election Day is coming up fast, and Cassidy has the full support of McConnell's corporate megadonor network behind him. That means it's going to take every bit of grassroots support to power Adrian's campaign to victory in November. So please, rush a donation now to make sure Adrian reaches $30,000 before midnight to fight back against the GOP's attacks:

Whether it's $5, $25 or more, donate whatever you can spare before midnight tonight to make sure Adrian wins this critical Senate race in Louisiana and takes back the majority from Mitch McConnell. With so much on the line for working families, your support couldn't be more critical.

Thanks so much,

Mitch Landrieu
Former Mayor of New Orleans & Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

Click here to donate to Perkins’ campaign.

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