LA-Sen: Add Adrian Perkins (D) To List Of Senate Dem Candidates Who Want To Abolish The Filibuster

This was posted on The Huffington Post last week and a I just found it today. Apologies, but I wanted to bring it everyone’s attention:

Louisiana Democratic Senate candidate Adrian Perkins is in favor of abolishing the filibuster, giving extra momentum to the growing call to remove the 60-vote threshold required to pass legislation.
“The filibuster is not in our Constitution,” he told HuffPost in an interview. “It isn’t something that we should be anchored to. And we’ve seen the detriment of the filibuster, and we shouldn’t let a Senate procedural tool disrupt our government in the way that it has. So I am about abolishing.”
Perkins, 34, was elected the mayor of Shreveport in 2018. If he wins his race for the Senate, he would be the youngest member in the chamber. The grandson of a sharecropper, Perkins graduated from West Point and served three tours in the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning the Bronze Star and the rank of captain. He later graduated from Harvard Law School.

Perkins also deserves our support and help in his bid against U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy (R. LA). By the way, Perkins is getting some help from another up and coming Democrat who’s kicking ass in a tight race:




Let’s keep up the momentum and flip Louisiana Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Perkins and Biden’s campaigns:

Adrian Perkins

Joe Biden

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