Received this e-mail from Democratic Strategist and proud Louisiana native, James Carville, in support of Governor John Bel Edwards’ (D. LA) re-election campaign:

James Carville

Let me ask you something, friends: Do you want to go back to the way things were when Bobby Jindal was Louisiana governor?

It wasn't all that long ago, but here's a refresher:

  • The budget? Billions in deficits.
  • The economy? Shrunken. Uncompetitive.
  • Affordable health care? Hundreds of thousands without it.

That is what the latest crop of Republican gubernatorial candidates want to take Louisiana back to!

Gov. John Bel Edwards (D. LA)

Fortunately, we have a governor who put this state back on track. John Bel Edwards has stabilized state spending, protected public services and driven huge job creation.

But keeping Governor Edwards in office means doing whatever it takes to help him win reelection this year. So I told the governor I'd help him raise $10,000 by midnight tonight – but right now, we're falling $4,300 short, and time's running out.

Please, friends, will you give $5 or more – whatever you can spare – and power Governor John Bel Edwards to a second term in office so we can keep moving Louisiana forward?

Thanks for joining me in support of Governor Edwards.

James Carville

Click here to donate to Edwards’ re-election campaign.

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