Kylie Oversen, candidate for North Dakota Tax Commissioner, is an AWESOME person!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: North Dakota is one of two states, the other being Minnesota, in which the state chapter of the Democratic Party operates under a different name.

While most of the attention on North Dakota’s 2018 elections has focused on the U.S. Senate race in North Dakota, where U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp is seeking re-election, there are a total of eight statewide races on the ballot in North Dakota this year, counting the U.S. Senate race and including the at-large U.S. House race and five state executive races. One of them is the race for North Dakota State Tax Commissioner, which is a directly-elected statewide office in North Dakota. As the name of the office implies, the office is responsible for collecting state taxes in North Dakota.

The North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party nominated Kylie Oversen (last name pronounced oh-v·r-SEN; an explanation of rules I use for pronunciation guides is available here), the party’s state chairwoman, for the office of tax commissioner. As a candidate for state tax commissioner, Kylie recorded this video featuring Mikayla, a supporter of Kylie’s campaign, praising Kylie:


Kylie cares about people. If Kylie is elected to be North Dakota’s tax commissioner, she will serve the people of North Dakota with the same compassion that she had towards the campaign supporter who praised her in a video, and Kylie can be trusted to run the office of North Dakota Tax Commissioner with integrity and competence.

If you wish to donate to, or volunteer for, Kylie’s campaign, you can donate to her campaign here, and there is a volunteer form on her campaign website here.