KY-Sen: VoteVets Wastes No Time Helping Amy McGrath (D) Get Ready To Defeat Mitch McConnell (R)


Received this e-mail today from VoteVets in support of Amy McGrath’s (D. KY) U.S. Senate campaign:

Huge news this morning: Amy McGrath just announced that she is running against Mitch McConnell.

Now that she’s in we need to have her back.

Mitch McConnell starts with an overwhelming financial advantage, but if people from all across the country come together and chip in a few bucks for Amy, she’s going to close the gap quick:

Can you split a $3 contribution between Amy McGrath’s campaign for Senate and our work to help her beat Mitch McConnell? This is so important.

Other than defeating Donald Trump, nothing would be more satisfying than taking out Mitch McConnell.

Amy McGrath is the candidate who can get the job done. But she can’t do it alone. So thanks for chipping in.

All my best,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

Click here to donate to McGrath’s campaign.