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KY-Sen: Amy McGrath (D) Puts Pressure On The Trump Administration To Reopen Health Care Enrollments

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Received this e-mail from Amy McGrath’s (D. KY) U.S. Senate campaign:

As I write this, millions of Americans have lost not only their jobs, but their health insurance—in the middle of a deadly viral pandemic. And they join millions more who weren’t covered to start.

The obvious step for our leaders to take is to reopen health care exchanges and facilitate a special enrollment period, especially when the risk of illness and hospitalization is now skyrocketing across every ZIP code in this country. The last thing people should have to worry about in the midst of this crisis is whether they can afford to get the care they need.

Instead, our leaders in D.C. have done little to make it easier for people to get coverage.

The only way this changes is if enough of us call it out as callous and unacceptable—add your name now if you agree that every American should be easily able to access affordable health insurance during this public health crisis.

Not only is the administration refusing to reopen access to the health insurance marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act, it’s actively supporting a Republican lawsuit that would overturn the law entirely.

That would lead to untold disaster for millions of Americans, in the middle of an already tragic crisis. This is not the moment to take away or sabotage people’s ability to get health coverage—it’s the time to expand it.

Let’s make our voices heard. Add your name to join me in demanding that the exchanges be reopened now.

Let’s look out for each other,

P.S. Once you’ve signed, please consider sharing this with friends or anyone who’s interested.

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