U.S. Senate candidate Amy McGrath, who is trying to unseat Sen. Mitch McConnell, tells Kasie Hunt, “We need to get our government back. If getting rid of the filibuster is going to do that, to pass legislation that most Americans want and not have it held up and obstructed by one man, then yeah we need to do that.”

Click here to watch her interview.

This has been the big issue that I care about and it’s been very encouraging to see more Democratic Senators, Democratic Senate candidates and Joe Biden support getting rid of it or changing it. When we get the White House and the Senate back, we are going to need to move fast in getting our agenda passed. The filibuster has long been Moscow Mitch’s favorite weapon and I am happy to see McGrath get on board with neutering the GOP of it’s powerful weapon once they are in the minority. Let’s win big in Kentucky. Click below to donate and get involved with McGrath and Biden’s campaigns:

Amy McGrath

Joe Biden

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