KY Republican Congressman Barr Would Rather Talk About Kavanaugh Than Trump's Treason.

I find the fact that it took Republican Congressman Andy Barr of the KY-6th District several days to finally comment on Trump’s Helsinkis Fiasco and then try to change the topic to Amy McGrath’s opposition to Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS interesting.

Republicans were responding to a Facebook post McGrath made a week earlier, on July 10th, in which she echoed the concerns many of national Democrats about Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Here’s what that “too liberal” McGrath wrote on Facebook:

To conservatives, yeah, I’m sure what McGrath wrote makes her too liberal.  Naturally, I agree with McGrath on Kavanaugh.  And we could have this lovely discussion about his positions, but there is this one little thing that Barr’s people know better than to mention:  Congressmen do NOT get to vote on the SCOTUS nominee.

However, on Trump’s treason, this is all that Barr finally had to say:

The criticism of McGrath comes a day after Barr avoided commenting on Trump’s refusal to support the U.S. intelligence community’s consensus that Russia launched a cyberattack on the 2016 presidential election during a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Tuesday, Barr said he has “full confidence” in the intelligence community’s assessment of Russia.

“As I have said repeatedly, Russia is a bully and enemy of the United States and our allies,” Barr said. “Its actions are confrontational and belligerent, including its interference in other nations’ elections, including our own. I have been briefed multiple times on the intelligence community’s assessment of Russian meddling in our elections and other malign activities, and I have full confidence in it.”

Nothing in there that directly attacks Trump for being Putin’s bitch.  Barr decided he would pull a McConnell, when he finally got around to addressing the Helskini Fiasco that is.  Hopefully, McGrath notices Barr’s reaction and uses it against him this Fall.