KY, NC, IA, CO, GA-Sen A & B: PFAW Pressures GOPers To Protect Your Vote During A Pandemic


Received this e-mail today from the People for the American Way:


The coronavirus pandemic is impacting virtually every aspect of our lives – including our ability to participate in our democracy. We’ve already seen the impact that coronavirus has had on the primaries. We must ensure that moving forward, voters can safely, securely, and efficiently exercise their right to vote.

Republican senators have been refusing to fund further election security measures – and we need that $3.6 billion in funding to ensure that the November general election can happen safely. That funding would increase states’ election systems capacity for: online registration, same-day registration, expanded early voting, vote by mail, and improvements to polling place safety measures.

PFAW members across the country have been contacting their senators by phone and online, and this week we’re asking that you help ramp up the pressure on Republican senators on social media.

Please use this social media toolkit to let Republican senators know, in a very public way, that they need to protect our vote NOW and pass this critical election funding. >>

In order to make as much of an impact on each target senator as possible, our Declaration For American Democracy coalition has put together a daily schedule that focuses on specific senators.

It’s a very quick action, so if you’re on social media and are able to take just two minutes each day over the next five days to keep up sustained pressure, we need you to focus your activism on the listed senators with any of the sample posts that you choose!

Here’s the schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 17 (Today!): Senators Kelly Loeffler (GA) and David Perdue (GA)
  • Thursday, June 18: Senator Mitch McConnell (KY)
  • Friday, June 19: Senators Thom Tillis (NC) and John Neely Kennedy (LA)
  • Monday, June 22: Senators Joni Ernst (IA) and Lisa Murkowski (AK)
  • Tuesday, June 23: Senators Cory Gardner (CO) and Richard Shelby (AL)

Voters should never have to choose between their health and their vote.

Time is running out. This is a #VoteForOurLives.

Help us get the word out today! >>

In solidarity,

– Sarah, Digital Campaigns Associate

Click here to use PFAW’s social media toolkit to apply pressure on these Senators.

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