KY-Gov: New Poll Has Attorney General Andy Beshear (D) Beating Gov. Matt Bevin (R) 48-39

Here’s the latest news out of Kentucky courtesy of Clarity Campaign Labs poll conducted on behalf of the Democratic Attorneys General Association:

A new survey conducted by Clarity Campaign Labs on behalf of DAGA shows that Democrats are in a strong position with voters in Kentucky. The survey was conducted from August 12th to August 13th using live calls to landlines and cell phones of likely 2019 General election voters. The sample included 792 registered voters. The margin of error for this poll is +/- 3.29% at a 95% confidence interval.

More Kentuckians believe the state to be on the wrong track than heading in the right direction. 45% of respondents say Kentucky is on the wrong track, while only 34% say Kentucky is heading in the right direction. 21% say it’s somewhere in the middle.

Democrats are leading in three statewide races. In the Governor’s race, 48% of voters say they would vote for Democrat Andy Beshear with 39% supporting Republican Matt Bevin if the Gubernatorial election were held today. 5% would vote for Libertarian John Hicks and 4% remain completely undecided. For the Attorney General race, Democrat Greg Stumbo has a solid 7-point lead over
Republican Daniel Cameron. 13% remain completely undecided on the race. In the Secretary of State race, 52% of voters say they would vote for Democrat Heather French Henry with 37% supporting Republican Michael Adams. 9% remain completely undecided.

I’ll have more to write about on this race soon but let’s keep up the moment and have a nice Democratic sweep here. Click below to donate and get involved with Beshear, Stumbo and French Henry’s campaigns:

Andy Beshear

Greg Stumbo

Heather French Henry

  • August 22, 2019