KY-Gov: Andy Beshear (D) Goes After Bevin's (R) Labor Secretary's Attacks On KY's Teachers

Received this e-mail today from Attorney General Andy Beshear’s (D. KY) gubernatorial campaign:

Friend, Kentucky’s teachers are under attack. Matt Bevin’s Labor Cabinet Secretary, David Dickerson, has been threatening our teachers with $1,000 fines for standing up for themselves against Matt Bevin’s attacks. On Friday, Dickerson backed down from issuing those fines, but he’s still telling Kentuckians that our public school teachers broke the law. And Matt Bevin refuses to lift a finger to defend educators. That’s not right.

Teachers strengthen our communities and help raise our children — treating them this way is outrageous and, frankly, completely unacceptable.

We shouldn’t have to say this but punishing our teachers for looking out for public education is wrong. Matt Bevin's administration needs to stop attacking hard-working educators. That's why we're calling on Bevin to fire Secretary Dickerson. 

It's pretty clear Matt Bevin has no problem firing folks in Frankfort — just ask his own lieutenant governor. So if he really wants to stand up for Kentuckians, he should have no problem telling Dickerson to go pack his bags.

Join us in calling on Matt Bevin to do something right for a change. David Dickerson's threats to our teachers are unacceptable. He should be fired. 

This isn’t complicated. It’s very simply right vs. wrong.

— Team Beshear

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