KY, AZ, TX & NC: VoteVets Keeps Up The Momentum To Turn These Veterans Into U.S. Senators

Received this e-mail today from VoteVets:

Amy McGrath – KY.

Mark Kelly – AZ.

MJ Hegar – TX.

Cal Cunningham – NC.

Four seats needed to completely flip control of the Senate.

The four veterans above represent four of our best chances.

August is traditionally a tough fundraising month for candidates. Let’s help them get off to a strong start:

Can you split a contribution of $5 or more to Amy McGrath, Mark Kelly, MJ Hegar, Cal Cunningham and VoteVets’ work to elect these candidates to the Senate?

Like we said, August is a tough month. But it’s tough for Republicans as well. If we can step in and help these progressive candidates fill a gap, it’d give them a nice advantage over their opponents. So thanks for chipping in.

All our best,

The team at VoteVets

Click here to donate to McGrath, Kelly, Hegar and Cunningham’s campaigns.