Received this e-mail from VoteVets:


We’re going to get straight to the point: $4 is all it takes. No, that’s not a typo. We’re asking for just $4.

We need to flip four seats in November to take back the majority and restore honor and accountability to the institution of our Senate. We’ve backed four amazing veteran candidates who can flip these seats — Amy McGrath in Kentucky, Mark Kelly in Arizona, MJ Hegar in Texas and Cal Cunningham in North Carolina — and win.


Will you make a donation of just $4 to VoteVets today to support our work in these critical races? $4 might not seem like a lot but if enough of us chip in we could be the difference between flipping the seats or falling short.

VoteVets is going BIG in all four of these states. As the year goes on we’ll be driving calls, running ads online and on tv, and doing everything we can to support our progressive veterans running in these crucial states.


We have a chance to send some of Trump’s biggest enablers packing. Enablers like Mitch McConnell, Thom Tillis, Martha McSally, and John Cornyn.

But to do it, we’re going to need everyone on this team to step up today. Just $4 is all it takes — a dollar a seat!


What do you say? Can you help? Chip in here.

The chances that we can flip these seats and bring order back to the Senate are looking better and better every day. But all that means is that we cannot let this momentum slow down now.

Thanks for helping out,


Click here to donate to McGrath, Kelly, Hegar, and Cunningham’s campaigns.

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