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KY-6th Congressional Race Update: Amy McGrath Has More Money Than Republican Congressman Andy Barr.

The Lexington Herald-Leader is reporting that Democrat Amy McGrath is raising millions more campaign cash than incumbent Republican Congressman Andy Barr ($6.69 million for McGrath vs $4.4 million for Barr).  As for what each candidate has on hand right now and what they have done with their money:

Since McGrath still has $1.75 million on hand and Barr still has $1.29 million on hand, neither should have to worry about money in the final stretch of the campaign…

He has spent $3.66 million on an aggressive television ad campaign built around defining McGrath as “too liberal for the district.”

McGrath, too, has had plenty of ads on TV. She’s also used her money to open 20 field offices in the district, one in every county and two in Lexington.

Barr has gotten a lot of money from Republican groups who have been bombarding McGrath with negative ads.  And Barr has gotten into trying to define McGrath as a liberal.  

Barr has highlighted the fact that a lot of McGrath’s money has come from outside Kentucky as he attempts to tie her to the national party.

“The national liberal ‘resistance’ and extreme left are funding Amy McGrath’s campaign because she’ll be another vote for Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda,” said Jodi Whitaker, Barr’s spokeswoman.

Newsflash for Barr:  I’m one of those leftists, and I’m in Kentucky.  And I gave her as much money as I could afford.  And I’m not even in your district Dude.

Next week, I will probably give some more money to McGrath.

And where is Barr getting his all American funds from?  Take a wild guess:

Barr sits on the House Financial Services committee, which means a significant chunk of his donations come from the financial industry.

A little more than 40 percent of the money Barr has raised this election cycle has come from political action committees, compared to 3.6 percent for Amy McGrath.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, four of the top five industries donating to Barr’s campaign were securities and investment, insurance, commercial banks and real estate.

The paper points out that money ain’t everything, but…

At most, the numbers tell you the race is competitive, and it will stay competitive to the end.

And this should NOT be a competitive race.  It is at least a +9 R district.

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