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Kushner might “go through some things” at the Gaetz of heaven

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Roger Stone Says He Took ‘Not a Dime’ From Anyone Seeking Trump Pardon, but that may not have anything to do with @ProjectLincoln buzzing about something happening on Monday.


There is some reason for Joel Greenberg to have specified exactly what he wanted to be pardoned for. There was talk about Trump issuing “blanket pardons” for his allies, absolving them of guilt in broadly specified topic areas rather than for more specific crimes. Gerald Ford issued such a pardon for Richard Nixon, for example, as did George H.W. Bush for figures in the Iran-contra affair. The New York Times has also reported that Gaetz sought a blanket pardon in Trump’s final weeks in office.

But the breadth of those pardons was strongly criticized, and blanket pardons are very rare.

Even if you accept that Greenberg needed to say what he wanted to be pardoned for, though, his purported letter went beyond that in two key ways: First, it actually confessed, and second, it implicated Gaetz.…

saving screen shots


“One conversation with POTUS and he can get this done and it all goes away.”



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