KS-Sen: Rep. Adam Schiff (D. CA) Helps Dr. Barbara Bollier (D) End Moscow Mitch's Majority

Received this e-mail today from House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Rep. Adam Schiff (D. CA-28), in support of Dr. Barbara Bollier’s (D. KS) U.S. Senate campaign:

Dr. Barbara Bollier just became the official Democratic nominee for an open Senate seat in Kansas this week, and she’s currently polling just one point behind her Republican opponent.

Democrats need four seats to ensure an all important Senate majority, and the path to getting there gets much easier if we can win in Kansas.

In March, polls showed Barbara ten points down from her Trump-supporting opponent, proving that momentum is rapidly building and that we have a real shot at flipping this seat from red-to-blue. It’s a mark of just how fed up Americans are with Donald Trump and his Republican enablers, and just how strong a candidate Barbara is, that this seat is in play.

Barbara became a doctor to help people, and then entered public service to fix what was broken in government. She served in the Kansas state House for seven years and was then elected to the state senate in 2016. There, she fought for Medicaid expansion and funding for K-12 public schools.

Now, Barbara wants to take her years of public service, her medical background, and her independent voice to the U.S. Senate, where she hopes to continue to help people and fix what’s broken, especially when it comes to affordable healthcare, prescription drugs, and our response to COVID-19.

If we elect Barbara this November, we will not only help flip the Senate but we can make history by electing the first Democratic woman Senator from Kansas and the first woman physician ever elected to the U.S. Senate.

Let’s help Barbara keep the momentum up, flip this battleground seat, and take back the Senate this November: split a donation of $10 or more between our campaigns now.



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