From Oliver Willis at The American Independent:

Republican Senate candidate Kris Kobach claimed in mid-July that tallies of the number of people who have been died after being infected by the coronavirus are being exaggerated to hurt Donald Trump.

“I believe that the numbers are being cooked. The books are being cooked,” Kobach said on the YouTube program “National File.”

Kobach is running for the U.S. Senate in Kansas, where he previously served as secretary of state. Kobach also served as the vice chair of the Trump administration's so-called Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, attempting and failing to promote voter suppression myths.

Yep, that’s Peter Thiel’s chosen candidate:

Thiel, a California venture capitalist, and Kobach, who is running in Kansas for the Republican nomination for the US Senate, were quite far from Kansas that evening. But the alliance between the two iconoclasts has reshaped the race in that state, giving Kobach a puncher’s chance to beat the GOP establishment — possibly upsetting Republicans’ hopes to hold their Senate majority.

In the months since that fundraiser, Thiel has pumped $850,000 into a super PAC behind Kobach — and that could be just the start if he wins. The investment in Kobach is Thiel’s most significant political bet since he risked his standing in Silicon Valley to support Donald Trump in 2016. And the wisdom of that bet will be tested just next week, when Kobach faces the voters of Kansas in a race that polls show to be tight.

If Kobach is elected, it could give Thiel a loyal ally in the Senate because of how powerful he is proving to be in the race. That alliance becomes all the more key if Trump loses this fall, which would weaken the Washington influence of Thiel, a board member at Facebook and a founder of Palantir, which has deep ties to the government.

And former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R. SC):

When I took on politicians in both parties who were pushing amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants and wasteful spending, I learned that fighting against the Establishment Swamp in Washington is not for the faint of heart.

Unlike most politicians, Kris doesn’t care what the liberal media says about him. He doesn’t change course when the opposing winds get too strong. He stands strong for our shared values. When President Donald Trump ran on an America First agenda, Kris was among his earliest and most trusted supporters while other politicians wavered.

I endorsed Kris for U.S. Senate, because he has a record that reveals he will do what he says he’s going to do. When he ran for Kansas secretary of state, he promised to make Kansas elections the safest and most secure in the country, and he did. He promised to cut costs in his office, and he reduced his agency’s budget more than 30 percent during his time in office.

Yep, this primary has been pretty crazy:

After months of seeing their hold on the Senate slip, Republicans are moving to avoid a potential disaster in next month’s Kansas primary that could put another conservative seat in play.

The GOP is aiming to thwart the candidacy of Kris Kobach, the controversial former secretary of state, by rallying behind Rep. Roger Marshall. Sen. Pat Roberts, who is retiring and had pledged to remain neutral in the primary, reversed course and endorsed Marshall this week as his preferred successor. A day later, a super PAC aligned with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell booked $1.2 million on TV to run positive ads boosting Marshall between now and the primary.

The late-stage effort comes as most Republicans believe Marshall has a lead in the polls and an advantage in the crowded, 11-candidate race — but not an insurmountable one. Kobach, who lost the gubernatorial race in 2018, has struggled to raise money or gain traction in recent months. But GOP alarm grew after a super PAC with links to Democrats last week began a $3 million, meddling ad campaign aimed at boosting Kobach and damaging Marshall.

Who ever wins next Tuesday’s primary will move on take on Dr. Barbara Bollier (D. KS) in the general election. Whatever happens on August 4th, we need to ready. Click below to donate to Bollier, Biden and their fellow Kansas Democrats campaigns:

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