Received this e-mail from Dr. Barbara Bollier’s (D. KS) U.S. Senate campaign:

As a doctor and a state lawmaker, I’ve spent years advocating for Medicaid expansion. But now, as we face this public health emergency together, the need is more urgent than ever.

This is the biggest public health crisis we’ve seen in our lifetime. We should be doing everything we possibly can to help more Kansans get the health coverage they need and ensure our rural hospitals can keep serving their communities during this pandemic and long after it passes.

Are you with me? Add your name to support expanding Medicaid now.

Expanding Medicaid is a win for Kansans across the board — it’ll save county and local governments money, in addition to getting 130,000 more people insured.

And though this virus thankfully has not spread widely to the rural areas of our state yet, we must be prepared in the event that it does in the future. Our rural hospitals are already overwhelmed — some have even closed their doors. That’s the last thing we need during a pandemic. Instead, we should be expanding Medicaid and helping them stay open, especially in a crisis like this.

I’m doing everything in my power to ensure Kansas expands Medicaid so more people get covered and our hospitals have the support they need. Sign on now to join me.

Thank you,
Barbara Bollier

Click here to add your name.

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