Received this e-mail from Dr. Barbara Bollier’s (D. KS) U.S. Senate campaign:

This is simple:

The federal government promised medical supplies to the states — and they aren’t getting the job done. Across the country, nurses and frontline healthcare workers are still waiting on the personal protective equipment they need as they treat patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

This is downright unacceptable. Join me in calling on FEMA to immediately distribute the medical supplies that states need as we fight to save lives during this global pandemic.

As a former physician, public health is my number one priority. If elected, I would become the first ever woman doctor in the U.S. Senate — and this national health emergency has made it abundantly clear that we need that kind of leadership in Washington now more than ever.

The federal government needs to be doing everything in its power to ensure that states get the medical supplies and protective gear they need for the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers responding to this crisis. With lives on the line, we cannot accept any delays in this distribution.

Are you with me? Sign the petition now to call on FEMA to distribute the medical supplies and protective gear that our healthcare workers need.

Thank you,

Barbara Bollier

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