I feel like I am assigning you all summer reading but then again, I will be taking off for the 4th of July weekend (every please be safe this weekend). With that said, here’s a must read piece that came out earlier this week from Glamour profiling State Senator, Dr. Barbara Bollier’s (D. KS) U.S. Senate bid and how she has the opportunity to pull off a huge upset win:

Bollier’s win would be huge—it would break the long-running Republican streak in Kansas, it would bring Democrats closer to flipping the Senate, and it would mark a powerful first in the form of a woman M.D. in the Senate. Her campaign has raised record amounts, and she’s received endorsements from Emily’s List, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ foundation, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and The Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence. The stakes are the kind that lend themselves to iconic tweets and self-aware forays into TikTok.

But Bollier’s brand is common sense, which does not translate as well on social media. She’s not here to be America’s mom, or best friend, or cool older sister. She does not have a dog with an independent media presence, or a lipstick brand to recommend as she talks through ballot measures. She captioned a recent Instagram video of her iced sugar cookies with “I made cookies.” Barbara Bollier is a doctor. She is here to get you health care that you can afford without losing your home. She is here to call out anti-science B.S., not with cool tweets, just with facts.

Yes, she’s busy. But she’s just doing what she feels is right.

“Women know how to work hard,” she says. “You hear excuses—‘Oh well, we were doing X, and that’s why Y didn’t happen.’ And, hello—I can do A to Z, plus! That’s what needs to get done, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Give the whole Glamour article a read. It’s a terrific profile piece that makes the case for why she’s a strong candidate. Especially with the GOP tearing itself a part right now:

The Kansas Republican Party has canceled its final debate before the August Senate primary after three of the candidates threatened to boycott over format changes they allege are designed to benefit Rep. Roger Marshall.

“Candidates Bob Hamilton, Kris Kobach, and David Lindstrom have refused to participate in a debate format that was agreed upon in January through a memorandum of understanding,” the party said in an email Thursday announcing the cancellation of the July 15 event in Atchison.

The three candidates warned earlier this week they would boycott the debate unless the party used the same format as its previous three forums, in which opponents shared the stage and were able to respond to each other’s answers.

The party announced this week that for the final meeting it planned to use an interview format in which candidates would appear on stage one at a time to take questions.

Party officials said this format is allowed under the memorandum of understanding that candidates signed, which states that an event in which candidates “are asked to each respond to questions is considered a debate.” However, Marshall’s opponents say the move is meant to protect the western Kansas congressman from attacks by his rivals.

Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state and party’s 2018 nominee for governor, repeatedly poked at Marshall during last week’s debate in Wichita. He slammed Marshall, an OB-GYN, for missing votes on coronavirus-related legislation because he was volunteering in medical clinics grappling with the pandemic.

“If you want to be a doctor, be a doctor. Go for it. But the people in the 1st District hired you to show up and vote,” Kobach said, contending that Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids had done more for Kansas Republican by voting against a $3 trillion bill than Marshall.

Let’s pull off a huge upset victory and turn the Senate blue. Click here to donate and get involved with Bollier’s campaign.

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