Kremlin to Russian state media: It's 'essential' to use Tucker Carlson for propaganda

Tucker Carlson often looks confused, but the real mystery is why a transparently perfidious Russian agent still has a highly rated show on American cable television. He should be relegated to Fox & Friends cooking segments in which he delights viewers with his babushka’s secret family polonium and borscht recipe. (“Now, let’s just take a look at the dish we whipped up earlier. It’s cooling by that open four-story window, Ainsley. Go ahead, grab it. I’ll be right here. No, really, it’ll be fine.”)

Of course, while Rupert Murdoch’s standards tend to be lower than his Pleistocene gonads in a Gold’s Gym sauna, he has to have at least some inkling that he’s writing checks to a Russian asset, right? I mean, it’s obvious enough for Vladimir Putin’s bumblef*ck brigade to notice.

  • March 13, 2022
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