Keith Olbermann has been doing daily YouTube reports on various miscreants, but mainly on IMPOTUS, and it now seems like the Trumpian narrative now developing is a plan to disqualify Biden, by means of something, something…. illegal reasons. As unlikely as this might be, the desperate Trump has been even more unhinged recently.

KO shows that there is unfortunately a method to White House madness despite all of its usual noise. The fire hose of disinformation is now nearly at full stream.

The current craziness seems to operate only in the Trumpian echo chamber rather than the real world. Unfortunately the “coup” talk is getting amplified elsewhere and with the support of various foreign and domestic entities.

Trump’s manipulation of state levers of power will be to foment reasons that only border on the fantastic, mainly to prevent Biden from taking office, fabricating criminal charges no different than a tin-pot dictator fearing democracy. It seems unlikely that unlawful orders will be followed, but remember how Trump has installed loyalists in key positions, appointed “acting” heads, and then there’s those judicial appointments.

We still have two weeks available for the actual ‘October Surprise”, and as we saw in 2016, events moved quickly.

The United States said it had confiscated four Iranian fuel shipments that had been bound for Venezuela, disrupting a key supply line for both Tehran and Caracas as they defied US sanctions. Fortunately time may have run out to stage an invasion of Venezuela before election day. There’s probably also no time for a plan that would give Mr. Trump the option of pulling all forces from Afghanistan before Election Day. That plan may have been thwarted by Trump’s previously disastrous attempt to withdraw troops from Syria by tweet.

  1. The first threat is that continued protests on city streets will once again raise the prospect of Trump deploying active-duty troops to support local law enforcement.  When Trump first went down that road in June, military leaders really did not want the regular military to get that assignment. A recent survey by the Military Times makes clear that this view is shared widely among career military professionals.  But such an assignment would not be unprecedented and Trump seems to believe he enjoys a political advantage in stoking the violence—and then taking a heavy-handed approach in response. Unfortunately, it’s reasonable to assume that this issue will return before Election Day.
  2. The second threat that could draw the military even further into electoral politics is the Trump campaign’s reliance on portraying him as the flag-embracing, pro-military candidate. ….  The threat is that Trump will overreact and overcompensate.
  3. The third threat is Trump’s history of anti-military statements, which are available to be dredged up and deployed as campaign fodder. This happened most vividly in the recent story by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic….Of course, each new report of Trump mocking soldiers risks driving him to overcompensate in some other way that further drags the military into the daily campaign gyre.
  4. But the really ominous threat is the fourth one: the prospect that the military will be asked to resolve a contested election by forcibly preventing the losing candidate from keeping or grabbing political power. Unlike the other three threats, there really is no precedent in U.S. history for the military playing this role.…

It could, however, be a whimper of an election day, but Ross Asshat is usually wrong.

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