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“My people do family the right way. We don’t care if they live or die.”

An alien crash lands on Earth and must pass himself off as small-town human doctor Harry Vanderspeigle. Arriving with a secret mission to kill all humans, Harry starts off living a simple life…but things get a bit rocky when he’s roped into solving a local murder and realizes he needs to assimilate into his new world.…

I have a new favorite TV program, only because we all trying to cope with the current historical situation, and there’s all those films that have elements of alienation which is the dominant American social milieu.

In this case, the SyFy channel’s Resident Alien is a simple title joke no different than Alien Nation or My Favorite Martian among so many sci-fi TV shows like Happy! where space aliens are among us. Like the real world, not everything is as funny as the Chicago of Doctor Detroit or the Cleveland of Howard the Duck, despite George Lucas.

This program stars Alan Tudyk as the alien who is stranded on earth like Paul, or the Coneheads. except in Patience, Colorado, apparently upriver from Gunnison. Tudyk has taken over the life of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigele, who he may have killed in self-defense, and even appears like Vanderspeigele, except some earthlings can see him as he really is.

It’s mainly Northern Exposure with a space alien, plus better writing, mainly because Harry really doesn’t quite adapt quickly, complete with inner monologue about how humans bond, even when they don’t. It’s essentially a comedy crime procedural with references to Law and Order, and like the funnier episodes of X-Files, except Harry’s mission is to destroy Earth. “How am I supposed to watch Jerry Orbach with that hot ham in my house”. In this version there’s both child and adult versions of Scully and Mulder, alien hunters.

The writing is funnier only because of the awkward meta-dialogue. Maybe the program’s weirder because the guy who directed Super Troopers did an episode. The cast is pretty good; Linda Hamilton will do a cameo. It is still genre TV but at least it entertains more than Battlebots, and is the best TV thing since the end of Happy! and Dirk Gently.

Alan Tudyk has a new series that you can’t afford to miss. Here’s all you need to know about the Resident Alien series premiere, including how to watch.

If you’re in the mood for a dramedy, SYFY has you covered once more. Resident Alien is a great series with an all-star cast. And it premieres tonight!

The series follows an alien who has one mission: destroy planet Earth. Of course, he soon realizes that humans may not be as bad as he’s always thought, and there may be some good things on Earth that he wants to preserve. Mainly Law & Order, dum dum! (You’ll get that when you see the pilot episode.)

So, what integrates this alien into society? Only a murder mystery in the town of Patience, Colorado.


**This article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Resident Alien, “Love Language.”**

Tonight's episode of Resident Alien (“Love Language”) righted a great wrong in the universe by giving the veteran actor of Firefly and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story his first-ever sex scene. Some performers might have been a little intimidated by checking off such a career milestone, but not Tudyk. He just found it absolutely hilarious.

“It's really fun because Harry gets social situations wrong and there's a lot of humor that comes out of that,” Tudyk told SYFY WIRE prior to the show's premiere on SYFY last month.

“He gets them wrong with people he doesn't know very well, but for somebody like a wife — who knows the original Harry Vanderspiegle very well and has an intimate relationship and is expecting a certain intimate response back — there's so many opportunities to make mistakes,” he continues. “He doesn't know anything about mating as a human or the intricacies of that. He is a child in a lot of ways and you don't learn that stuff until years [later] — he's only had months in this human body. And no sex ed. So, he's… at a loss. It was my first sex scene onscreen … it's appropriate that I'm an alien. It's sort of perfect.”




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Alex Jones is both a giant warm ham and a space alien and not nearly as funny.



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