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Kicking your Way to the Goal of Equity

In the middle of a simmering rape scandal involving writer E. Jean Carroll and a peripheral connection to sex trafficking, with the arrest of Trump friend Jeffrey Epstein, the White House was furthered embarrassed today with the feting of the United States Women’s National (soccer) Team in New York this morning.  The festive motorcade through the Canyon of Heroes should have been a complete U.S. celebration, including a congratulatory public announcement from the White House and the President.  The petty reaction to the rejection of a visit to the people’s house from team co-captain and Golden Shoe winner, forward Megan Rapinoe, set off a volley of corner kicks by conservative trolls and bloggers, most notably the ever-ridiculous Ann Coulter, “I am determined to go down swinging by ruining soccer for as many people as possible,” she tweeted.   

I watched the celebratory milly rock dance by defender Crystal Dunn and a repeat of the now famous mocking British tea sip by forward Alex Morgan, along with the irrepressible Rapinoe’s hugging of teammates.  There were also multiple signs of genuine humility by other team members like Rose Lavelle, Christen Press, and goalkeeper Adrianna Franch. Seeing the beaming faces and cheek straining smiles and grins from the young girls and women in attendance was tear-jerking. As each woman was introduced by ABC TV personality Robin Roberts, the feeling of adulation I had this past weekend, watching the match against the Netherlands, returned.

More importantly, this group of accomplished women has taken onto their shoulders the hopes of future teams and future young girls still chipping away at their own glass ceilings. Unlike the description of her, by conservative critics, as a glory hound or showboat, Rapinoe showed why she is so respected in the soccer community. After each member received ‘the key’ to the city of New York from Mayor De Blasio, flanked by his wife Chirlane, the crowd was breathless waiting on the anticipated rancorous political speech from Megan Rapinoe. She delightfully disappointed them with an inclusive call for all Americans to pitch in, “but it’s time to come together, this conversation is at the next step,” she said. We have to collaborate, it takes everybody…”  

Conservatives and those who find a strong woman threatening will focus on her expletive at the end of her speech and make that the focus of her message. The excited utterances of a champion I think can be excused. The false gnashing of teeth you will hear from the Fox News bobbleheads tonight because of her choice of words, that are thrown around newsrooms, police departments and water-coolers throughout America will become Rapinoe’s attack on decency according to the dissenting voices.  

The real attack on decency is a man who brags about groping women, has been credibly accused of attacking a woman in a dressing room and praises and alibis for an alleged woman beater.  This morning was a welcomed respite from the scandal-ridden White House and a leader whose only coherent policy peddles cruelty as the point.  

Vote in 2020 for Change.  

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