Received this e-mail today from Khizr Khan in support. of former Vice President Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign:


Four years ago, in July, I talked at the Democratic National Convention.

I talked about being a Gold Star father.

I talked about the need to unite as Democrats.

I talked about how dangerous Donald Trump is to this country.

The harm that Donald Trump has caused, and will continue to cause, is more apparent now than ever before.

Even now, when things are uncertain, one thing is clear: Defeating Donald Trump in eight months is one of the most important things we can do, and we need to start working together towards that now.

First, please remember as we face the most difficult time as a nation, we stand together and remember to continue to follow the advice of our public health officials.

But after that, I know Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump, and he will be a great president to unite and heal us. But Joe needs our help. His fundraising has fallen behind and we need to get it back on track so his campaign can prepare to face Donald Trump.

Will you join me in making sure Joe Biden has the resources he needs to defeat Donald Trump in November? Chip in $5 to his campaign today so they can still make their fundraising goal.

My fellow patriots, now more than ever is the time to come together.

We need to unite as Democrats under Joe Biden, and we need to make sure his campaign continues to weather these unprecedented challenges.

So I’m asking you to join me as we battle for the soul of this nation. I know we will win if we all come together:


Khizr Khan

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

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