I shoudn’t let it surprise, shock, or bother me, but the fact that Kentucky Republicans are politicizing the coronavirus pandemic makes me very angry.  We have already lost 23,000 people nationally, and we are most likely going to break a total of 100 deaths today in Kentucky.  But never let it be said that Kentucky Republicans don’t know how to be selfish, greedy, power hungry, and just plain evil.

Where to even begin?

I suppose I should start with this lovely bit of news from the Louisville Courier-Journal.  It’s behind a subscriber firewall, so I will lift the pertinant parts for you all:

On Politics: Kentucky GOP is ready to pop Gov. Andy Beshear's COVID-19 popularity balloon

The Kentucky kumbaya is over.

Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear had vexed Republicans for more than a month until Easter weekend, where he tried to walk a tightrope in trying to protect the public as a few dozen defiant churchgoers ignored COVID-19 guidelines on mass gatherings.

Since early March, GOP members have been biting their tongues, gritting their teeth and rolling their eyes as they looked for ways to pop the “Baeshear” popularity balloon.

Republican legislative leaders couldn't do it after looking short-sighted for refusing to stop meeting as the outbreak spread.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron tried to activate the anti-abortion movement by pressing the Beshear administration to close clinics and deem abortion an elective procedure, but he's been ignored by the health cabinet.

But a rumbling restlessness of suit-and-tie Republicans feeling the economic anxiety, liberty activists suffering from cabin fever and evangelicals engulfed by the Holy Spirit have professional GOP circles feeling “aglow” now that the governor's Mr. Rogers image is running thin with some Kentuckians.

Basically, Kentucky Republicans are trying to paint Governor Andy Beshear as some kind of tyrant for ordering a shelt in place order.  They think they have a winner with his building showdown with that asshole Jack Roberts of the Marysville Baptist Church.  And they think that he doesn’t have a plan to get the Kentucky economy moving again ASAP.  

Get a load of this guy in the next part:

“These are more cheerleading sessions — maybe that's needed, but for me, it’s not enough,” Robert Hazelwood, a financial analyst who lives in Lexington, said of the governor's daily briefings.

Hazelwood, a 38-year-old registered Republican, is not watching to take sign language lessons or admire children's chalk art. He said the press conferences should be about providing Kentuckians with a game plan but feel like they are for people who watch “Ellen” on daytime TV.

“What's frustrating for me is we have a health crisis but (also) an emerging economic crisis the longer this goes,” he said. “… The months-and-months talk is really what has me unnerved. I don’t know how anyone thinks we can go into July without economic calamity.”

Seems Hazelwood wants the economy opened up on some short time schedule.  Newsflash to Hazelwood:  the coronavirus does not give a shit about time tables or the economy.  I would remind this idiot that we do not have adequate testing to start to open up the economy.  This is a national problem caused by his Dear Leader in D.C.

Our non-viral expert Hazelwood goes on to say this:

Hazelwood, the Lexington Republican, said afterward the governor should consider taking a step back from doing the daily briefings.

He predicts there will be some that defy state orders “out of spite” because they believe Beshear's actions are unconstitutional.

“We’re just conditioned in this country to be free,” Hazelwood said. “That’s why I think the longer it goes the more problematic it is for compliance. Rather than trying to hold a dam, (Beshear) needs to be working towards a realistic gradual loosening.”

So the damn virus can explode again.  

And if you think it is the business suit and tie assholes who are the sole problem, Jack Roberts has given his middle finger to Beshear too.

Kentucky pastor who held Easter service says he won't self-quarantine for coronavirus

I knew that was coming.  I wish Beshear would put at least an tracking ankle braclet on that dumbass, but Beshear claimed in his last press conference that it will not come to that.  Did I mention that two of Robert’s flock this Easter were from NEW JERSEY?  A coronavirus hotspot.

Beshear doesn’t want to play politics during this crisis, but if he wants to deal with the crisis, he has to do something about folks like Roberts who defy his orders.  Kentucky Republicans do not care if people die from the coronavirus.  If you think I am kidding, the fucking General Assembly is still meeting this week!

Kentucky's legislature will return to Frankfort Tuesday for the last two days of the 2020 session, with plans to not just override vetoes of Gov. Andy Beshear, but also pass other legislation.

Beshear has until midnight to decide whether or not to sign or veto bills passed on April 1 — the last day the Kentucky General Assembly met — such as a one-year state budget plan and the state revenue bill, in addition five bills he previously vetoed in the past few weeks.

Republican Senate President Robert Stivers told The Courier Journal Monday that his chamber will not only take up veto override votes, but also pass through resolutions, confirmations and other bills that have not yet cleared the chamber.

While he expected the legislature to take up a few bills related to the state's response to the pandemic, he also left open the possibility of his chamber voting through bills restricting abortion and amending the state constitution, saying the Republican caucus would have discussions before those decisions are made.

The House chamber took unprecedented measures to protect members from the spread of COVID-19 on April 1, adopting a rules change allowing representatives to vote remotely through texting a photo of their paper ballot.

Locally: COVID-19 pandemic expected to wipe out millions in revenue for Louisville's budget

However, Stivers said he did not expect to make similar rules changes when the Senate returns to Frankfort on Tuesday, saying its 38 members will be able to distance themselves within the chamber or only enter when they need to vote on or speak about a bill.

They want to pass an amendment to the state constitution making abortion illegal in Kentucky.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  

Also, they are going to over ride Beshear’s veto of a voter ID bill that mandates a driver license for the elections.

There is more than all that going.  Some you have read before about McConnell, Paul, and Massie.  And they know how this putz District Court Judge Walker making speeches.  He’s auditioning to replace RBG next year on the Supreme Court.  He’s a McConnell crony with no experience.

But I think you see my point.

  • April 13, 2020