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Kentucky: Microcosm of the Best and Worst During a Pandemic.

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God/Jehovah/Allah/Buddha/The Goddess and any other possible higher power save me from the worst in human beings during this time of pandemic.  If it were not for Governor Andy Beshear, I would be in absolute despair.  If that vile putrid mound of slime and sorry excuse called Matt Bevin had been reelected, I shudder to think of that alternate reality.  Anyway, I have the latest news from Kentucky, and for every best example of human behavior, there are multiple examples of the worst in humans.

First up, we have teenagers being assholes and violating stay at home orders:

Street racers take to the asphalt despite coronavirus pandemic fears

Even after Mayor Greg Fischer called for an end to street racing, 40 to 50 people showed up to watch cars tear off the line, ignoring COVID-19 rules.

The kids are long gone by the time the cops show up, and they return 15 minutes later after the police leave.  This happens in downtown Louisville.

I’m going to show my age here:  lay in wait for these assholes and ARREST THEM!

And yes, we are tyring not to crowd the jails, so let’s find some other spot to dump this shitheads.  Otherwise, what the fuck is the law for?  And I have taught teenagers, so I am not in the mood to make any excuses for reckless behavior!

And if you think it is just the young being reckless, we have some so called wealthy adults who are assholes too:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Circulated images of a crowded golf course and a well-attended street race have exposed a simmering debate over how Louisville plans to enforce social distancing guidelines amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and whether that enforcement is being equally applied to all.

The golf course is in a wealthy area of Louisville.

But, too many people are not complying,” Fischer said. “Please don't put me in a position to shut our golf courses down.”

Tom Sanders, president of Hunting Creek County Club, said he was made aware of the photos circulating on the internet.

“I’m extremely disappointed because we’ve taken great strides to adhere to precautions and have communicated to membership the requirements,” he said. “And it’s very disappointing to see they were not adhered to.”

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville is a businessman and a corporate turd.  He is another in a long line of Mayors who cater to the business community and the wealthy.  And he is supposedly a Democrat.

Please don’t make me shut you down!  You might vote against me in the next election!


Speaking of corporate assholes, did you know that General Electric is forcing their employees to go back to work TOMORROW?  I didn’t realize that making DISHWASHERS and REFRIGERATORS was an ESSENTIAL JOB.  By the way, some dipshit at the State Health Department signed off on GE’s move.

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough, we have Republicans being Republicans, which means they are being shits.  We have a Republican in the State House filing an amendment to allow people to sue Andy Beshear over his executive orders about the coronavirus.

Gov. Andy Beshear called a bill in the state legislature proposing to allow Kentuckians to sue the state over the governor's emergency coronavirus measures “silly” at his news conference Sunday.

“I'm trying to save people's lives,” Beshear said. “And if somebody doesn't understand that, or if someone doesn't care, I don't really have a reaction for them.”

Rep. Savannah Maddox, R-Dry Ridge, filed a floor amendment to her House Bill 322 on March 19 that would limit the scope of a governor's executive orders issued during a public health emergency and allow residents to sue the state if such an order adversely affected their business.

“Isn't this silly?” asked Beshear after reading a submitted question about Maddox's bill. “At a time when we're all supposed to be in this together, we're all supposed to be doing our duty and we're all supposed to be doing what it takes to respond to this worldwide pandemic.”…

In a Facebook post explaining her floor amendment — which completely stripped out and replaced the language of her unrelated bill — Maddox said its purpose “was not to criticize or undermine the governor’s efforts, rather to ensure that any use of government force is appropriately balanced with the consent of the governed in accordance with our Constitutional rights.”

Yeah right b****. 

And we have another Republican being compared to Hitler:

Rep. Thomas Massie's challenger for his 4th District seat invoked Hitler on social media Sunday in response to one of his tweets.

Massie tweeted Saturday night that, “My daughter just said, 'It's funny that they call you Mr. No, but you're the only one who took action.'”

The Kentucky Republican received bipartisan criticism when he opposed a voice vote on a stimulus bill to give one-time, $1,200 checks to many American and allocate $367 billion in loans and grants to small businesses. President Donald Trump, too, said Massie just wanted publicity out of the situation.

Alexandra Owensby, a Democrat running for the seat Massie has held for seven years, took it a step further.

She replied to his Saturday tweet with, “Hitler took action too. That doesn't make him a good guy.”…

Massie defended his stance on the vote once again Sunday when reached for comment.

“By her tweet, my opponent makes it clear that she would be a rubber stamp for (Nancy) Pelosi if she could get to Congress,” he said in a statement.

“The action I took was to expose the swamp’s plan to facilitate the biggest transfer of wealth from the common people to the moneyed class in the history of mankind without a record of who voted for it,” Massie said.

That vote you took for Trump’s tax cut did that you libertarian numbnuts.

I need several drinks. 

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