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Kentucky Media Is Beginning to Notice Government Shutdown…Maybe…

Seems a few local media outlets in Louisville, Kentucky are running some stories on Trump’s and McConnell’s government shutdown.  First up, WLKY, a CBS affiliate, has been runnings some stories about the government shutdown.  This is actually a little surprising to me.  CBS is bothsiderist on a good day, but they kiss Trump’s ass most of the time.

WHAS, the ABC affiliate, has not run any stories on the government shutdown for two weeks now.

WAVE, the NBC affiliate, ran this one story about how the government shutdown might affect one local business.

From what I can see, none of the local TV stations is critical of McConnell in their coverage of the shutdwon.

The Louisville Courier-Journal has been stepping up its coverage of the shutdown with this headline:  Where's Mitch? McConnell keeping his head down during historic shutdown.”

I may be violating Fair Use Rules, but I think you all need to see this from the article:

Nancy Morrison is dipping into her savings account to buy food and pay for basic household bills as negotiations to end the government shutdown remain at a standstill.

Joined by several other Federal Aviation Administration employees who were recently protesting the closure, the U.S. Air Force veteran from Louisville says she is an essential employee as a communications, radar and automation technician at Louisville International Airport.

That means Morrison has worked three weeks without a paycheck, along with roughly 800,000 other federal workers who aren’t being paid.

Morrison has tried repeatedly to contact a man who she believes could help re-open the government: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

But she says it's nearly impossible to get through to anyone at his offices. She can't leave a message with anyone in his Washington, D.C. office, and his local office rings until the line hangs up.

“For me personally, it’s a joke that we can’t get a hold of him because he is our senator, and he’s holding the reins, too, of the Senate vote,” Morrison said.

This is typical of McConnell.  

Of course, the Courier-Journal allowed McConnell to have an Op-Ed on January 16th with the title “Blame shutdown on Democrats and their spite for Trump, McConnell says.”


Joseph Gerth ran this today in the Courier-Journal:  “McConnell doesn't have the guts to stand up to Trump and end shutdown.”

And Lexington Herald Leader ran this.

Main thing is that there is no concerted effort to spell out to Kentuckians the following:  Trump + McConnell = government shutdown.

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