Rule of thumb:  If Rand Paul and Congressman Thomas Massie are screaming, you are doing something right.  Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has been pleading for weeks with churches, synagogues, mosques and and other sites of worship to shut their doors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  Beshear has issued another executive order that police will take down the license plates of those who attend services this weekend.  Those license plate numbers will be turned over to the local health departments who will then issue fourteen day quarantines for those lucky recipients.  And on cue, our coronavirus loving idiots Paul and Massie went ballistic.



— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) April 11, 2020

Remember that Rand Paul is the asshole who decided to be Typhoid Mary and pass the coronavirus around to his fellow senators.  And Massie made a majority of Democrats show up for a vote on that economic relief bill during this pandemic, only to be shot down in less than a minute.

By the way, the death total from that Hopkins County revival meeting is SIX.  And 54 others have the coronavirus.  It’s why Hopkins County has the highest infection rate in the state of Kentucky.

Both those assholes along with Moscow Mitch are playing the fundamentalists in Kentucky.  I suspect they think that they can use the persecution complex that some so called Christians have for political advantage in the state with 1) a CREATION Museum and 2) Noah’s Ark Theme Park.  Most Democrats in Kentucky try to avoid pissing off the fundies.

However, I’ve been watching Andy Beshear closely, and everytime he gives a press conference Beshear brings up his own faith.  He’s a Democrat who knows how to speak to religious voters, and it doesn’t hurt that Beshear has other ministers in the state who are backing his moves.  And Beshear is doing this reluctantly.  Beshear has been pleading for everyone to do the right thing, but we have some idiots who are hellbent to have their services during a pandemic that kills.

As another reminder, Beshear is prochoice, and he still beat the vile Matt Bevin who kept calling Beshear a “baby killer.”  I doubt that Beshear will be worried that he is the one trying to save human life by cancelling some church services.

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