Kellyanne's husband torches Trump on Twitter. Again

Oil and gas prices are low right now for a lot of reasons. And it’s not necessarily a good sign for our country’s or the world’s economy. Nor is it likely sustainable.

Anyway, it’s a complex market, and if Donald Trump wants to take credit for low oil prices now, then … oh, who are we kidding? He’d blame high prices on his dog if he could get away with it — and if he could ever find an animal that would spend five minutes in the same room with him without chewing off his kibbles and bits in a feral rage.

But Herr Leni Riefenstahl (aka George Conway), the luckless husband of that ambulant hunk of turkey jerky and lies, Kellyanne Conway, is not interested in the pr*sident’s (sub)mental oscillations vis-a-vis the world economy.

He’s just got his long knives out and is ready to flay.

To wit: 


And this was just two days after lighting up this can of hairspray in the pr*sident’s face:


Make no mistake about it. George Conway is a staunch conservative and, as such, is not exactly on the right side of history. Plus, he remains married to one of the worst humans on the planet.

But at least he shows that they haven’t all completely lost their minds.

Plus, hey, it’s kind of entertaining, right?


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