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Kellyanne Says that Per “the Constitution of the Democratic Party” Dems Have No Right to Impeach.

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Thing are getting even loopier way out there in alternative fact land and the Faux News bubble, if that is possible, as spokesflak Kellyanne Conway went on FOX News Sunday yesterday to explain that a careful reading of The Constitution of the Democratic Party leads her to conclude that Democrats have no right “to embarrass President Donald Trump by conducting an impeachment inquiry.”

Raw Story

“White House aide Kellyanne Conway on Sunday insisted that Democrats do not have a “constitutional basis” to embarrass President Donald Trump by conducting an impeachment inquiry…

…“Complete nonsense,” she said when asked about the impeachment proceedings. “They need to get a messaging meeting and they need to read the constitution of the Democratic Party.”

“Americans, the Congress, they work for you,” Conway continued, talking over the FOX host. “And they’re wasting your money and your time trying to impeach a president where there are no high crimes and misdemeanors.”

She added: “Stop the nonsense of harassing and embarrassing this president and the people around him when you have no constitutional or legal basis to do so.”

So it appears that KellyAnne has found a loophole for the Orange shit-weasle to wriggle through – namely that while The Constitution of The United States of America clearly gives Congress the right and duty to impeach a lawless president, The Constitution of the Democratic Party, almost certainly crafted by President Woodrow Wilson and his Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt over martinis during an all night bull session in The White House sometime in 1917, does not.

Actually her statement clears up a lot.

Democrats and Republicans are operating under different Constitutions!

One the result of careful deliberation of Senior party officials, that unfortunately Democrats like Nadler and Pelosi are heeding, which clearly forgot to include provisions for impeachment, and one written by Republicans on what ever Koch Brother branded toilet paper our sh**-heel *President is trailing in this video:

The world suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for clearing that up, KellyAnne!

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