p class=”AlignCenter”>Timeline: car accident reported.

To: dragnet2
When you pick at scabs, there’s going to be some bleeding.

To: wastoute

The Southern Poverty Law Center is up to their beady little racist eyeballs in all of this.

To: dragnet2
I have already seen video of a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed plowing into a large group, and bodies were flying through the air…Many taken to the hospital.

This was intentional!

Then the vehicle went into reverse and floored it down the street out of sight…It had major damage to the front end.

Timeline: Reports start to trickle in that it was counterprotesters who were hit.

To: simon says what
Looking close, you can see objects being thrown at the vehicle prior to impact. Hmmm..

To: dragnet2
The picture I saw looked like an antifa guy. In fact Eric Clanton’s twin.

To: dragnet2
Racist idiot LIB likely driving the assault vehicle. I’d like to be the first to thank traitor nobama for “improving” race relations. Criminal putz.

To: Sequoyah101
Does it matter? Antifa wanted violence, they got it.

To: dragnet2
Fox News is wondering if the car sped though the crowd because people were throwing objects at it (as it sped down the street) and that is why the driver was speeding therefore it must have been accidental..…

To: dragnet2
Made for the MSM. Almost like it was a planned event by trouble makers just to feed the MSM narrative.

To: wastoute
Paid trolls on both sides. As per usual, all for stirring up hatred, divide and conquer for the Elites. Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be called white nationalists?

Leftist Soros set up. FAKE, even if people were actually injured.

Let’s not forget that Soros paid for the first (fake) anti Trump rallies in Los Angeles in 2015.

If you take money for “protesting” and going on camera… FAKE.

To: grey_whiskers
Even the CNN announcers on your link say they don’t know if it was an accident or intentional.

A video just surfaced showing the car driving down the side street as it was being bombarded with bottles, rocks and other debris by peaceful ANTIFA protesters.

In my opinion, it wasn't intentional, it was self preservation……….. 

To: proust
That car is targeting whites.

To: SueRae
Paid protesters by the Elites on both sides, once again.

Crisis actors making their rent. Innocent people caught up in the faux staging, hurt.

Timeline: news that the suspect is captured

To: janetjanet998
We heard 11 injured via radio but did not hear of the 1 fatality yet.

What’s funny, is we don’t even know who was driving the car and if the car driver was simply trying to get away from being attacked, yet the news is already chanting racists…wow…

To: aquila48
Like I say, you can hold any belief you care to but in a race war you are born with your uniform. The racial politics of the libtards inevitably led to this but of course the with the BSM it will be our fault. As with any war, whose fault it is is irrelevant. “There is no substitute for victory”.

To: Sequoyah101
“What is this protest actually? Isn’t it conservatives standing up for their rights?”


It’s tiki torch boys in cahoots with the left and media to make a boogeyman man.

It’s all agit-prop.

To: proust
“But honest officer, I only left it running for a minute while I went back inside for my rainbow flag!”

Timeline: cover picture on this thread posted

To: chuck allen
Am I a bad person if that picture makes me laugh?

To: Right_in_Virginia
I don’t have anything….actually don’t care really. People were warned not to go there but of course they like to rumble so they went…..I have no empathy for any there or who attend protests today….they have nothing to do with protesting…just excuses to do violence.

To: wastoute
“Like I say, you can hold any belief you care to but in a race war you are born with your uniform.”

And you know what? We have millions of Benedict Arnolds wearing our uniform. In fact self hating whites are by far our biggest enemies.

You can bet your bottom dollar that most of antifas counter protesters are white.

To: Fiddlstix
Ha! Dead leftists are hilarious.

To: dragnet2
Looks like Soros might be getting his money’s worth, now that there’s a death.

To: Pollard
Did the driver just lose his mind or was it some sort of retribution?

My guess is a BLM supporter who saw a crowd of whites and took advantage of the moment in his stolen car…….(My theory only) 

To: MayflowerMadam
Isn’t Soros EVER ashamed of himself?

To: BunnySlippers
Human tenpins, but played for keeps. Not an over the top movie scene (and Indian Bollywood has some sockdollagers).

I have to restrain myself from just copying the entire thread.  I’d almost say that there’s not a decent human being in there…. except that I found precisely one: HiTech Redneck, who wrote “Doesn’t matter if all were lefties because God still says it’s wrong.”.  Congrats, HiTech Redneck on being the only decent human being in the middle of a festering swamp.

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