Christine Blasey Ford acted as she was expected to.

She was unfailingly polite and deferential to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the hired gun they trotted out to poke small holes in her testimony. She held her emotions in check, though she often struggled to, because women and minorities in this country are not allowed to deploy anger and outrage at the crimes visited upon them by privileged white males.

And, for just a while there, it seemed her demeanor, and her certainty of the identity of her would be rapist, would carry the day.

Or so it seemed.

Until Brett Kavanaugh, wearing his white male privilege on his sleeve, deployed the one weapon, anger, that is not allowed to women and minorities in this country.

And then Lindsey Graham took up the cudgel of anger and phony grievance and drove his tormentors, those foolish enough to expect accountability and justice from his rotten party, from the field, allowing his confederates to cry huzzah! and claim victory for themselves.

Christine was the perfect metaphor for the majority of us who are not part of the GOP professional crybaby caucus — which has so conditioned the press and the opinion makers of the country to their histrionics and imagined afflictions that those of us outside their ranks are left to battle without the one weapon they are allowed to wield with impunity…righteous anger. 

Charles M. Blow does not accept this situation and neither should we.


Blasey Ford has proven that civility and mastery of one’s emotions are useless, though admirable, qualities in this fight against a cabal of angry white men trying desperately to hang on to their threadbare and unjust entitlements.

Time to get mad folks.   


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