Kavanaugh gets key endorsement from still very creepy Roy Moore

It’s a little like Jeffrey Dahmer giving your new restaurant a five-star Yelp review, but still. At least Kavanaugh is rounding up supporters.

From The Washington Post:

Moore first came to the nominee’s defense Monday — a day after a California professor told The Washington Post that Kavanaugh had tried to rape her in high school — when he shared a supporter’s quip with his 80,000 Facebook followers: “They are Trying to ‘Judge Moore’ Him with Unproven Sex Assault Claim.”

The verb, “to Moore,” proved popular in the former Alabama judge’s circle of remaining loyalists but didn’t spread far beyond it.

“Brett Kavanaugh, like me, has withstood numerous investigations and vetting by the most rigorous legal and political authorities,” he wrote in a statement published Tuesday evening.

Moore followed up his statement with an interview that aired Wednesday on One America News Network, a right-leaning outlet whose reporter saw a “striking resemblance” between the Moore and Kavanaugh situations — two solid conservatives on the cusp of securing powerful positions when decades-old accusations suddenly went public.

It’s probably not a good idea to turn “Judge Moore” into a verb, because being unfairly persecuted is not what comes to mind when I hear that.

Seriously, use it in a sentence. See how it sounds. “Can I Judge Roy Moore you?” Hard pass, my friend.

Also, Roy Moore should probably just avoid the subject of sex … and high school … and, well, anything that involves his face, name, or faintest of faint memories appearing in the public consciousness.

Go back to Alabama and stay there, Judge. Your creepy-as-fuck 15 minutes are over.


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