Katy Tur did not mince her words as she enumerated Trump’s bad deeds that effectively went unchecked by the Media & GOP. So, blame who?

Katy Tur made it clear who’s to blame for insurrection

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The Capitol insurrection are a direct result of both the media giving Donald Trump a pass where no other democratic president would have gotten one. But worse, the Republican Party not only gave Trump a pass, but they also normalized his behavior. And we must not forget his voters, some enablers, some sycophants.

”This wasn’t two days building,” Tur said. “This wasn’t two weeks building or two months building. This has been building for years; going back to his campaign and starting in 2015 

Here are some bullet points on some of the issues Katy Tur touched on.

  • He seeded his base, giving the impression the entire system was against him.
  • The election will be rigged if he doesn’t win.
  • He said the virus was a hoax and was meant to damage him.
  • He said impeachment was a hoax.
  • He said the Russia investigation was a hoax.
  • He told his followers to punch protesters.
  • He threatened the media encouraging his followers to act.
  • He attacked Gold Star families, federal judges, or anybody he believed was standing in his way.

Katy reminded the hosts that the same Republicans who spoke out against Trump, the ones who called him a demagogue and said he was dangerous oftentimes were the ones who became his enablers, read Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.

When the president released dangerous or terrible tweets, too often, political sycophants said they were being blown out of proportion, or they did not see them. It is exactly as Katy said from allowing the president to continue taking it closer and closer to the edge, “And this is what resulted.”

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