Katy Tur and Michael Steele were discussing why it is that Donald Trump has a 10% lead on the economy. The reality is that the economy does better under Democrats.

Katy Tur happy with her realization

Watch the full episode here.

This was a very important dialogue. While Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in the national polls, Trump has a 10-point lead on the economy. That does not seem to make any sense.

Michael Steele started to beat around the bush as he tried to explain it. He said the people who gave Trump that lead, had a different reality and it is something that Biden would have to work on. Tur was perplexed.

Katy Tur kept on probing. And then she asked the appropriate question.

“Given everything that we've seen on the economy,” Michael Steele said. “Having a 10 point edge for Trump, you got to understand why that is.”

“I think this is where things get really interesting,” Katy Tur said. “Because I wonder, is it actually the economy then? That maybe they're just using the economy as a stand-in for another feeling that they have about Donald Trump. So when the Biden team tries to figure out what is it that's gonna make them feel more confident with Biden and vote for him, should they be looking at the economy, or should they be looking at something else?”

“Uh yeah, okay,” Michael Steele said. “That's why I like you Katy. You got your finger on the underside of that question. That's exactly right. Is this polling on the economy a stand-in for something that's a little bit deeper, that goes a little bit further down than we're looking.”

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