Katy Tur corners John Bolton: Lies & insurrection are not just Trump but Ted Cruz & others.

This is how journalists must remind Republicans about their complicity. Katy Tur really laid it on John Bolton in an effective manner.

Katy Tur nails John Bolton

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“You said it was Trump's taint,” Katy Tur asked John Bolton. “Doesn't the taint extend many members of the Republican Party who have said that they didn't see that tweet or they didn't hear that sound? Nobody takes him literally. They just went along because they wanted those judges confirmed. Or they wanted tax legislation passed.

Bolton replied with a silly answer. He claimed that you could not attribute Trump to everybody else. He claimed Trump is an aberration of American politics. He said while it resulted in a tragedy (an insurrection), it is but Washington politics.

Yes. He said that. There are dead people and a sacked Capitol, and he calls applying responsibility to those acts, Washington politics.

Katy Tur did not allow John Bolton to get away with the statement.

She pointed out that Trump, the leader of the Republican Party, was the leader of the insurrection against America. More importantly, Republicans did not keep him in check and instead coddled his behavior. They were his enablers.

In the end, Bolton had to admit that in fact the election was not stolen. He also came to the realization that it will take a long time for the Republican Party to repair itself.

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  • January 13, 2021