If you want the background on this, take a look-see at Jessica Sutherland’s diary from earlier today.

Long story short, some anonymous idiot on Twitter thought he’d shame “commie” (actually Democratic Socialist — think Sweden/Norway/Denmark, not the gulag) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she was once filmed dancing with unbridled joie de vivre on a rooftop while in college.

Grasp your pearls and head for your fainting couches, kids. And don’t watch this video unless you have a really high tolerance for cool, passionate, warmhearted, intelligent, all-around wonderful women.



Why do conservatives keep stepping on their own dicks when it comes to this stuff? Next we’ll find out she was in a really cool punk rock band, too.

Two seconds of DJT’s Trump Steaks video was a thousand times more embarrassing than this — not to mention every slovenly, lunkheaded move our pr*sident has made since his inauguration.

You know, if they have to go to such absurd lengths to manufacture Democratic scandals, maybe there just aren’t that many Democratic scandals.

But, whatever. Let them stay this tone-deaf.

Change is coming. And they’re really not gonna like it.


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